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What the Great Resignation Means and Why It's Time to Change the Way You Do Business

Millions of people living and working in the United States are leaving their jobs at a record pace, and with good reason, proving that the Great Resignation isn't just a scare tactic used to encourage businesses to prioritize their employees before they lose them. While some employers would like to believe it's a myth, the truth is that workers are fed up and ready for a change. Originally predicted and named by notable psychologist Anthony Klotz, the Great Resignation describes employees choosing to leave the workforce after spending years feeling

unappreciated and underpaid for their hard work and consistent effort.

The Lack of Job Security Opened the Eyes of Workers Across the Country

If the pandemic taught employees anything, it's that job security at the traditional brick-and-mortar positions isn't guaranteed. With millions of people initially laid off at the beginning of the global pandemic, people who've worked hard and spent years of their lives dedicated to a single company found themselves without a source of income and the inability to pay their bills while waiting for unemployment benefits to kick in to get by. Now that more people realize job security isn't guaranteed, no matter how long they've worked for a company or how much they've committed themselves to their workload, they're choosing to quit. Most realize it's not worth staying in these stressful positions that take a toll on their mental health and are now finding new opportunities that meet their needs.

Employees Have the Desire for More Flexibility in the Workplace

Workers in the United States are beginning to realize the importance of having flexibility instead of slaving away at their jobs for hours on end each week. Having spent many years tied down to positions that require long hours and lots of time away from family and friends, workers are ready for a change and are looking for the flexibility that remote jobs and freelance work have to offer. Businesses that want to hire and retain the best talent to take on various roles will need to make significant changes to avoid losing hard workers, starting with offering more flexible options to employees. These flexible options would include shorter workdays, longer lunch breaks, and the opportunity to work remotely at home.

Because most businesses had no choice but to allow employees to work remotely during the height of the pandemic, most of these individuals have realized it's entirely possible to get tasks done from the convenience and comfort of home instead of spending hours in an office environment. For jobs that do require employees to be present in an office, factory, or other workplace environment, workers would appreciate having more control over their work shifts. Most would prefer having a chance to pick the days they'll work throughout the week while choosing the hours that correlate best with their personal lives to give them more time to spend with loved ones.

Why You Need to Change How You Do Business

If you're operating a business with multiple employees, now is the time to consider making changes that positively impact your workers, or else you could end up losing them during the Great Resignation. With millions of workers choosing to quit their jobs, and many more still to come, it's only a matter of time before it happens to you. However, if you're willing to offer greater flexibility and livable wages while respecting your employees and making them feel appreciated, it's possible to retain your workers for years to come.

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