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The Man Behind The Modern CEO

"No CEO can know everything — the point is to surround yourself with the people who do know the things you don't." Craig Reilly, a striking man with no shortage of exciting stories, finds himself today getting most excited about "disrupting & innovating how companies keep their employees engaged & productive". Currently located in Dubai, Craig's ties to the Middle East are a result of his father's relocation to the Middle East in the early 1970s.


“After 12 years of age, I moved on to boarding school in the UK — the quality education sort of ran out by that age in the Middle East.” Says Craig. “I completed my A levels there and got a taste of some business classes, but upon graduation, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to pursue.” But the uncertainty built a life in the in-between that has shaped Craig into the man and the CEO he is today. Before entering into the family business of which he worked In the warehouse as a boy, Craig traded in the boardroom for a battleground, recalling stories of his time in private security — complete with “shoring up” motel rooms in Afghanistan to avoid gunfire and falling asleep in full-body armour with a sidearm on his chest.

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But Craig now looks to take on a new kind of mission — something he seems more than capable of giving his insights into what it means to be a great CEO. For Craig, the fostering of a productive and balanced work environment is vital. “I do my best to form every business setting into a family. That doesn’t mean we don’t get our work done; it just means we enjoy doing it together, and we know how to handle the work/life balance.”

Now, Craig’s adventures have taken him back into the world of business - something he has always loved for the people element of it. For Craig, a CEO needs to always focus on learning and adapting, and one of the ways to do this is to help people flourish and come out of their shells. This is something he does in his current role of CEO & Managing Partner of several businesses - and something he’s looking to sharpen as he explores new opportunities, too continually grow. Throughout his time as a leader, he has developed the businesses to new heights through the addition of state-of-the-art technology and employee growth, something Craig Reilly was in full support of (remember the sentiment on the importance of adapting?).


Now, as Craig grows, his passion for people has begun to take shape through The Modern CEO. Believing in the importance of embracing change and focusing on how you can edify others and utilise their strengths and talents for mutual growth, Craig is on a new mission - albeit, while not life-threatening this time around - it’s nonetheless exciting.

Craig Reilly is looking to disrupt the comfortable CEO and teach them how to draw out potential from their employees. And with a life that has led him through war-torn Afghanistan to cage fighting and A-List celeb protection, he’s ready for this new adventure - and he’s pretty sure he has what it takes.
Reach out to the Modern CEO for Craig’s help, guidance, and passion. It’s time to evolve.

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