Tips to Maintain Culture During Business Expansion

Every entrepreneur and business owner dreams of scaling their company. Growth is good. It means your business is thriving. Yet, in the midst of striving to reach that goal, company culture remains as important as ever. Building culture is fairly straightforward for small and mid-sized businesses when the entire team is all in the same location; bonding takes place during work hours and team members can easily come together for activities.

While growth is beneficial for all members of the team-- such as new opportunities for advancement and higher pay-- it also comes with new barriers and obstacles. These obstacles are important to recognize in order to maintain a strong company culture. A company’s culture is more than just a feeling. It defines the company, it influences how team members work, and it is a key component to success.

As a company grows, pressure is placed on the levels of management between employers and the CEO to maintain a proper work culture. However, as more levels of management are introduced, this aspect gets even more difficult because each manager has their own style and perception of company values. Without structure and set culture goals, it is difficult to maintain expectations during rapid growth. Use these tips to be prepared to manage the process of maintaining culture throughout the business expansion.


This is arguably one of the most important factors in maintaining a strong company culture. Small businesses have the advantage of an intimate atmosphere where feedback is easily given and received. As the business expands, upper management should maintain an open-door policy, interacting with employees often. Each layer of management should be trained on effective communication-- something that will wear off on the employees.