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How Prioritizing Mental Health Can Positively Impact Your Employees and Business.

Roughly 83% of workers in the United States experience some level of stress at work. It's safe to say that most people will experience pressure while feeling overwhelmed and frustrated on the job at some point or another. But, what can you do as a business owner to help reduce or eliminate that stress and facilitate a more enjoyable working environment for your employees? After learning more about the positive impact it can have on their workers, publicizing mental health has become a priority for many business leaders.

Boost Morale and Productivity Rates

When workers feel less stressed and more appreciated in the workplace for the tasks they're completing, it can quickly boost morale and productivity rates. However, when mental health isn't a priority and employers aren't taking the time to find out what's going on with their employees or what they can do to improve their experiences, morale is often at an all-time low, leading to lower productivity rates. If you want to get more done and continue to achieve goals, you need to prioritize the people who help make that happen. A stressful environment is a hostile, unpleasant one to work in, which can also cause many employees to take more days off than needed or ultimately quit the job because they can't stand the pressure.

Experience Greater Employee Retention

If workers continue to feel stressed on the job for extended periods, you can expect them to spend most of their time outside of work looking for a new job. Of course, no one wants to get up in the morning and dread the idea of stepping foot into the building or logging into the system to get their day started. However, it's a real possibility for those working in places where they're regularly pushed to their limits without having time to de-stress and relax.

Losing employees and retraining new staff members requires extra time and energy, taking away from things that you could've worked on if the original employees stayed around. It's why employee retention is such a big deal. Putting your employees first by prioritizing their mental health and cultivating a less stressful environment can help your organization retain its employees even longer. People will look forward to coming to work instead of calling out because they can't handle the pressure and stress of the job.

How to Make Mental Health the Priority for Your Employees

Caring for your employees and their mental health can boost morale and productivity while increasing employee retention rates. These are some of the ways you can foster a healthy, more productive environment for everyone:

Offer Flexibility - Employees tend to appreciate having more flexibility when it comes to working, whether it means completing tasks remotely at times or having an extra day or two off throughout the week. Be flexible with your employees and give them more of a say regarding their schedules.

Be a Humble Leader - Be the kind of leader you'd want to have by admitting to your own faults, having empathy for your workers, and listening to them when they have concerns in the workplace.

Ask for Feedback - Consider asking employees to provide feedback so that you know what changes you'll need to make to create a more inclusive and enjoyable environment. When asking for feedback, it shows that you care about your employees and their opinions.

Encourage Paid Time Off - Another way to show appreciation to your employees while giving them time to de-stress is to encourage paid time off. Let your employees have a mental health day if they need one. They'll come back to the workplace feeling better than ever.

Prioritize mental health in the workplace to achieve better results. Not only is it great for your employees but also for the business you're running.

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