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CEOs & Technology

Updated: Apr 15, 2019

The Industrial Revolution was a roughly 100 years long period (approx. 1750-1850) of rapid change in the means of production that drastically altered those societies that participated.

The Digital Revolution is the current period of transition from a slower and more localized means of distributing information to a much more rapid and universal distribution. It began with practical computerization approximately 60 years ago and is still ongoing, with drastic alterations already observed, but with the final outcome yet to be fully realized.

Almost every current business is being partially driven by some form of technology. As modern businesses become increasingly reliant on up-to-the-minute technology to enhance their competitive edge, CEOs must be able to — at the very least — have a working knowledge of the technology on which their companies so heavily rely and CEOs need to develop a clear and strong comprehension of how advancements in technology can benefit their business. He states that CEOs should start by "redefining business models, operational processes, and most importantly — customer experience and engagement."

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