CEO Toolbox: Empowering Your Team

Before you decide to open your CEO toolbox and pull out your empowerment device, you first must determine what you are looking for in an employee. Do you want an employee who is capable of problem-solving, creativity, and innovation, or do you want a machine that only does what you say?

No matter how great a product or service is, it can only exist, grow, and succeed with the help of other people: people to create, advertise, market, sell, fix, and implement it. There is no other way around it. However, there is a way to optimize your product or service-- to make it better, and that is only possible through empowering employees.

The best way to ensure company success is by empowering employees. Add these "tools" to your CEO toolbox to help empower your team.


One of the most simple, yet impactful ways a CEO can empower their team is by allowing autonomy. The freedom to make choices and determine the course of action is liberating and is chock full of lessons for the growing professional. This form of empowerment not only shows the employee what they are made of, but it also allows them the opportunity to display their strengths to their superiors. This simple act of allowing autonomy also increases employee effort boosts engagement in the office and frees up time for managers to work on other things.


For a business to be successful, employee happine